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Top 10 Travel Destinations 2020


People, we’ve selected the Top 10 luxury destinations for you to visit. Travel prices vary from envy to the place you want to visit.

Luxury World Central has chosen your best 10 destinations for exotic and adventurous trips. Here they are, you must read article to get more info!

10. Puerto Rico – Little Heaven on the Earth

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a dependant territory of The United States Of America. The population of Puerto Rico is about 4 million (2012).

The official currency of Puerto Rico is the US Dollar. The people of Puerto Rico are refered to as Puerto Rican.

Luquillo beach is a most amazing option to visit. Luquillo Beach without high-view buildings. The water is mostly nice for swimming and on beach also you can spot Coconut palms on the ground, changing rooms and outside you can find food which you are looking for. On his teritory, Puerto Rico has a hotel whose renovation costs $65 million.

Lana Law Photography

9. Seychelles – beautiful island resort

The Seychelles

Location : You can spot Seychelles under a thousand miles off the coast of East Africa. Prefer to see this whole destination. See the red granite of Curieuse Island, discover the amazing nature preserve of Aride Island, and pools of La Digue’s famous Anse Source d’Argent beach.

The population of Seychelles is little more than 100.000 citizens (2013).

Seychelles are 201st largest nation in terms of land area.

Fell the vibe from Seychelles

8. Egypt – A country based on pyramids


There are few popular airports in Egypt so if you’re going to fly you will have to decide – Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada?

You need a visa if you will visit Egypt. You can do it online at official website or you can get visa at the airport, the price is the same, not too much – only $25.

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Find taxi to Pyramids, buy the ticket at the entrance, go through security and you can be able to explore whole area. There will be people who will try to make you go for a camel ride, sell you souvenirs or something else. The Pyramids are incredible!


7. The Grand Canyon, Arizona, National Park

Grand Canyon, Arizona

This year was celebration about its 100-year anniversary with big number of concerts and special exibitions in following year. They are also, National Parks of the Southwest, created with help Ken Burns, includes lunch on the canyon’s rim and two nights in an oft-overlooked section of the park. My advice is – plan a trip between June and September.

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While the dinosaurs have missed out, lots of fossils have been found on that place, some creatures in Canyon’s area. They range from fossils dating back 1.2 billion years to land mammals that left in canyon about 15.000 years only.

Grand Canyon

6. Cuba, Havana

Cuba, Havana

Located 90 miles by the Key West, Cuba is the most satisifed Caribbean island nation. Nearby are Cayman Islands, Haiti and awesome Jamaica. Cuba – about 44k miles. Its varied geography – farmlands, mountains, urbanistic city, some type of villages and beaches with white sand. Havana is most beautiful place to visit, that place is fully clear hedonistic.

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Cuba’s traditional temperature is 78 °F. Cuba experiences little variation, although June and July can be too hot. In short, you have to visit.

Santiago de Cuba

5. Bali, Indonesia

Bali | Source : The Luxury Signature

Bali is the most popular luxurious island place for visit in the Indonesian area. You can spot around some exotic temples and worth palaces. Dining in Bali presents special choices of local or far-flung cuisine. When night comes, amazing nightspots come to life offering exciting clubbing and full dance floors.

You must find the way to enjoy in the awesome gorgeous beach resorts and luxury resorts spotted in that area,also you can find many of the finest luxury hotels near the sea. For tranquil seascapes and sunrises, the eastern beach resorts are your best choice.

4. Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos Resorts

Los Cabos has a reputation as a place full of wealthy, less a Mexican location than Americanized resort. But there are too many hotels are setting themselves standards.

Average yearly temperature is about 77 °F , sometimes it will go up 79 °F .

Located at the south end of the Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos is a unique ring of desert landscapes, beaches etc.

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National Geographic has named Los Cabos one of TOP 10 must-see destinations to visit in 2017. “El Chapo,” you ‘ve ever heard about him? Yeah, if you come to Los Cabos you will live meet up the indentical El Chapo overview.

Los Cabos, Mexico

3. Hudson Yards, NYC

Hudson Yards, NYC

Hudson Yards is the biggest private real-estate building in U.S. history. It will contribute about $20 billion annually to New York’s GDP and adds more than $500 million in taxes. Hudson Yards is seen as edge model for the future and it is called smart town. Also you must visit Times Square, NYC.

Also, you can find there a telescope that allows the building to expand and observe to accommodate whole place. Visitors can check most popular hotels right here. You must visit this place for sure!

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is most popular palce for nightlife scene, party, high buildings, amazing shopping malls, most luxurious hotels, most popular museums and a lot more. We present you some of the most visited places in Dubai :

Burj Khalifa
Burj Al Arab
Jumeirah Beach
Dubai Mall
Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House
Dubai Creek
Dubai Aquarium
Global Village
Desert Safari
Dubai Marina
Ferrari World
Dubai Dolphinarium
Ski Dubai

Be sure that you’ve visited all this sights in Dubai, it’s worth.

Burj Al Arab

1. Panama City, Panama


Panama – the food is cooked using coconut, making it unbeliveable refreshing for a American country. Seafood is also very delicious, especially on the islands of Bocas del Toro.

Officiall currency of Panama is Panamanian Balboa, US dollar is used changing dollars into Balboa.

Can i find WIFI in Panama?

Yes. It is very common to find WiFi, also on the islands of Bocas del Toro.

Most visitors to Panama will leave more than 15% in restaurants or caffes as a tip if the service has been reasonable with you.


That would be 10 places that we’ve selected for our permenent readers.

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